Ainda Não Street Band


Ainda Não Street Band was born in 2016 in Valencia. The project is gestated with two main objectives: to transport the musical art of the concert halls to the street, making it accessible to all and all, and to preserve at the same time that innovate in an art whose weight in society must be of great importance.

After several months rehearsing and playing in the streets of Valencia, the band travels to Oporto, where the project of Ainda Não originated. After the return of the Portuguese city, the band gets into the studio for the first time to record their first two songs: Gipsy Dream and Son de Rúa.


After the recording of his first videoclip, the ambition of the band continues to increase and its sound is shaping up with the incorporation of a bass player. From this moment, the band combines the street, the concert halls and the festivals inside and outside València, highlighting the performances in the Wah Wah and Zircó halls, the Noches Bárbaras festival in Madrid or the Ice Factory. After a summer rehearsing, creating and playing, the band enters the studio again. In the sound of Ainda Não the Balkan enters with great force; the result of this are the songs Workers, Noches Bárbaras and Lule Lule, the latter being the protagonist of the group’s second video clip.


This is an important year for Ainda Não. In addition to entering the studio for the third time with the recording of Travessa and Espaço 77, the band takes a step forward in their live. Power, energy, and a daring staging are raised on the stage every time the band has an opportunity to act. In this way, the band plays in theaters such as the TAMA de Aldaia, the Palau de la Música or the Principal de València, at festivals such as the Buñol Biennial, the Iboga Summer Festival or the Ressona de Sagunt, and of course on the streets , rooms and popular festivals.

In April of this same year, the band gets into the van and travels back to Oporto, but this time with the intention of recording a documentary that will be released next year. The band’s production reaches its peak with the creation of their first album and a new video clip, this time with the song Workers.


The first studio album by Ainda Não Street Band is a synthesis of what has been the evolution of the band in its two years of existence: “the concept that encompasses the whole CD would be precisely a journey through these different cultures and of how its particularities crystallize in a way of living and creating “. The new image of the band and its staging are presented with a new show format in the room 16 Tons. From here, the story of Ainda Não Street Band is about to be written …